Phineas’ Picks: Top Ten African Nature Photos

I love Africa and all it has to offer especially the incredible beauty. I wanted to share some of the fantastic photographs that I have found and the amazing memories they invoke within me. Come take a journey with Phineas Manthata through Africa with photographs.

african landscapes- alone tree in deserted savannah

African Savannah

Savannah is a tropical grassland that experiences warm temperatures year-round and has the highest rainfall during the Summer. I have been lucky enough to visit The Serengeti National Park that can found within Kenya and Tanzania, and it was a truly magical experience. This photo reminds me of an incredible trip that I had many years ago with my wife.

Browsing young and adult African elephants or Loxodonta cyclotis in savannah

African Elephants

African Elephants or Loxodonta africana are the largest elephants on land. Growing up and travelling through Africa, I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of elephants throughout my lifetime. This picture, in particular, reminds me of a time when I was travelling with my mother. We saw a herd of elephants, with babies, and she told me a story about a mothers’ love for her children. This is a memory that I will always treasure. 

african wildlife

African Leopard 

The African Leopard reminds me of how important it is to always be fashionable. No matter how I’ve encountered these majestical creatures, they always look incredible. The pattern is amazing, and I love wearing similar patterns in most of my clothing

Dusty African Buffalo with oxpeckers taken in greater kruger park

African Buffalo

The African Buffalo or Cape Buffalo is a large sub-Saharan African bovine. Did you know that the African Buffalo is not an ancestor of domestic cattle and is only distantly related to other larger bovines. These buffalos have unpredictable temperaments which have kept them from being domesticated. I have seen a lot of African Buffalo and have always admired their quiet strength. 

African Zebra standind in the dry savannah, Mikumi, Tanzania

African Zebra

As a child, a lot of my children books were surrounded by African Wildlife. One of the most memorable stories that I had a child was a book about a Zebra learning the true value of gifts at Christmas. I feel like this picture reminds me perfectly of the little Zebra that got into lots of trouble in my little book. 

african black rhino

African Black Rhino

With Rhino poaching being such a big problem, I count myself very lucky to have been able to see a Rhino with my own eyes. I am sharing this photo to increase the awareness of this huge problem that has an impact on all of us.  

Turtle in grass, National park of Kenya, Africa

African turtle in Grass

African Turtles can live long lives and have wisdom that most of us can only hope to live the amazing life these creatures get to have. My wife was absolutely crazy about turtle and we had about three that were constantly walking around in our garden. You needed to be careful not to hit one of those with your car!

portrait of male lion in Cape Town, South Africa

Male African Lion

The Male African Lion is the true manifestation of Africa, or so I belive at least. I have been lucky enough to see many lions in my life. And each time I come across them I still need to stop and they take my breath away each and every time.

Chimpanzee – Wildlife in Uganda, Africa

Chimps – African Wildlife

No one that lives or travels Africa does not have a memory of a chimp or monkey doing something crazy or funny. Chimps have stollen bread rolls, snacks and even cellphones from the people who have been travelling with me throughout Africa. 

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